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CCC Verify

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What is CCC Verify? 

An automated solution for employers to outsource ALL types of verifications. Our state-of-the-art system allows verifiers of all types to instantly collect the information they need. CCC Verify provides enhanced employee control, accuracy, and security through both an employer and employee portal.

Employees can access their own information as well as verify that only the appropriate parties they have granted access to have viewed their information. If desired, employees can block access to their information or provide their own verification information as well as work letters. Once their information has been verified, they will receive an email confirming that the verification is complete, as well as any time their info is accessed by the verifier.

Government verifications can be viewed for accuracy and tracked to completion, and CCC manages all Government Social Service Verifications at zero charge to both the employer and employee. All government verifications are provided free of charge to both the agency and the employer.

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