Blog: Turn your dreams into reality. I’ll tell you how

Turn your dreams into reality. I’ll tell you how

Written by RMPersonnel on 10/04/2018.


You go to sleep each night, dreaming of diving with the dolphins and of buying a new car, but right after waking up, as you make your breakfast, you start having this weird feeling that you simply won’t succeed. You will! We believe in you and you, yourself, do too. Try out our tips that will bring you closer to your set achievements and let the results surprise you.

1. “What” is the new “where”

Make sense of whatever it is that you are doing with a simple question – “What is this task doing to bring me closer to my goals?” You know, sometimes you simply won’t have the spirit to do what you promised yourself. One hour of French after work? Planning that is easy when you’re lying in bed, but actually going there after work is the hard part. When you imagine how much your life will improve upon learning basic French, you will be able to move past this mental blockage and go to your lessons. Motivation is here for you to harness it. “What” questions are here to help you do just that.

2. Adjust the perspective of your thoughts

This sounds cliché, but there’s no way around it. The worst thoughts are those that come to mind in moments of failure. Let your brain whisper to you “I told you this was going to be hard” or “You knew from the start that you’d fail eventually”, it’s not in your power to prevent that from happening. However, believe in your inner strength and add, in response to your brain “well, it is hard now, but I’ll figure it out” or “I’ll soon manage it”.

3. Make yourself at home in situations out of your comfort zone

Getting out of our comfort zones is difficult. For some, it’s simply a challenge to overcome, but for others, it can be a horrifying experience. Make it be your challenge. We all are afraid of leaving our comfort zones, but the feeling of satisfaction and improving one’s self-esteem is worth it. We aren’t asking you to take your notes and go have a presentation in a room full of people. We are merely suggesting that you perhaps visit a gallery, even though you know little of art. These little steps forward will make it seem less difficult overall.

4. Work – life balance

Maybe you like your work too much, or maybe you’re forced to stay there longer than you should. Neither of those is good. You need to think of your work-life balance. You need to divide your time between your work and your free time. Don’t forget your friends. Plan a trip with them, go see a movie, simply do something together. Another aspect to focus on is your family. So have your Friday evening free and take them somewhere nice.

5. Courses

That fact that you don’t know how to do a certain task is no excuse. Look around the internet and find yourself a nice evening or weekend course, where you’ll be able to learn something new. People in big cities can choose between a wide variety of courses, from piloting and airplane to the basics of making ceramics. To not waste time, remember to see whether the course meets our first point (the “What” question) and is going to help you meet your goals.

6. Go outside

Fresh air and relaxation in nature will fill you with new and positive energy. You will be much more inclined to pursuing your goals. By going outside, I don’t exactly mean cycling for 150 kilometres, but a simple hour spent sitting at a local meadow is more than enough. Watch the sunset and smell the flowers. To amplify the final effect, sit there alone, not letting anyone disturb you.

7. A piggy bank

At first glance, you might find your dream financially straining, but if you continue to save up money for it for a long time, you will be able to save just enough. Create a bank account where you’ll be putting in some cash monthly. You will be surprised by how quickly it’s going to fill up with money.

8. A tourist in your own city

During lazy afternoons, when you feel that you’re not getting any closer to your goal, try looking at your city from a tourist’s perspective. Find out about the local landmarks and go take a look! You can go exploring even in areas that you may think you know a lot about. You will be surprised by how much you can learn about your town this way.

9. A direct helpline

All of these tips work wonders. Sometimes. But some other times, you will live through days, when you will feel tired, exhausted and lost. To kick-start your motivation once more, you can always rely on your friends and acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to call one of your close friends to talk to them about your troubles. You can vent your emotions and have your friend explain to you again why you’re doing what you’re doing. Don’t worry about putting all of your negativity onto them, that’s not how it works. It’s also probable that you’ll soon find yourself on the opposing end of this conversation in the future. That’s what friendships are for, isn’t it?

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