Temp to Hire Staffing Services Offer Flexibility and Security El Paso, Tx & Laredo

Need additional help, but are unsure if that need will be long-term?
Want to try out a new employee before making a commitment to hire him or her?
If so, temp to hire services may be right for your business.  In simple terms, temp to hire (also known as try-before-hire or temp-to-perm) lets you try out a candidate on-the-job before extending an offer for direct employment.
Instead of being hired as your full-time employee right away, the employee is hired by your staffing service, and then assigned to work at your company as a temporary.  During a probationary period usually lasting around 12 weeks, you get to evaluate the temporary employee’s job performance and decide whether he or she should be hired full-time or let go.
Benefits of Temp to Hire

  • Working interview.  Temp to hire allows you to evaluate characteristics that can’t easily be observed through a traditional interview, such as:  ability to follow directions, culture fit, quality of work, work ethic and the ability to multi-task or work under pressure.
  • Reduced hiring time.  Temp to hire candidates have been pre-screened by your staffing partner and qualified to match the needs of your opening.  This reduces your recruiting and interviewing time, so you can focus on your other priorities.
  • No obligation to hire.  When you use temp to hire services, you are not required to hire a candidate the staffing service sends you, even after you interview that candidate.
  • Evaluate long-term hiring need.  If you’re hiring to address recent growth or a newly created position, temp to hire gives you the time to verify that the position is absolutely necessary – before adding to your permanent headcount.
  • Decreased legal exposure.  If a temp to hire candidate isn’t working out, you can end the assignment at any time.  Because the candidate remains an employee of your staffing service, your legal exposure is minimized.
  • No advertising restrictions.  Using temp to hire services does not preclude you from advertising the position elsewhere.

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