How Do Staffing Agencies Work? RMPersonnel El Paso, Tx & Laredo

Employer Needs Staffing Assistance
Staffing agencies provide work-force solutions for companies by matching qualified applicants with open job positions. Companies use a staffing agency to assist them in finding the right candidate for their staffing needs. First, the company provides the staffing agency with a list of requirements and a job description for the position they need filled. The staffing agency then uses this information to create a job posting. Then they filter through the potential applicants to find the right match for the job.

Applicants Apply
Staffing agencies receive applicants not only for specific jobs but will generally have a database of applicant resumes for future opportunities. The goal is to match each applicant with a job. To achieve this goal, staffing agencies will first interview potential job candidates to get to know the applicant and the type of position they desire, both long term and short term. Sometimes this initial interview will be followed with a professional skills test such as a typing test or a test to determine the candidate’s ability to work in a specific software program. A staffing agency’s wide array of assessments to validate a candidate’s skills gives them an advantage in matching the right candidate with the right job.

Applicant Hired
Once the staffing agency has paired the right candidate with an open position, the candidate will interview with the employer. When the employer selects a candidate, it has two options. The employer can directly hire the candidate or it can hire the job candidate on a temporary basis. If hired temporarily, the employer pays the staffing agency, which then pays the employee’s agreed upon salary until the employee is hired permanently. Most staffing agencies charge a one-time fee based upon the candidate’s first-year annual salary. This fee is paid by the employer after the guarantee period, the set of time agreed upon by the staffing agency and employer to make sure the candidate is the right match for the position.

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