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Job hunting is not exactly rocket science but after you’ve been at it for a while some of the simplest things can be easily forgotten. Being creative and out of the box when it comes to searching for your next career move can make all the difference. Here are several creative but simple tips to help put your search back on the right track in El Paso and Laredo.

  1. Find out the open positions at your target company. If there is a business in El Paso or Laredo or surrounding areas that you would love to work for start by researching their current open positions. Corporate websites are updated infrequently so maximize your search by making contacts within the organization who can help pass leads on to you as they become available.
  2. Master LinkedIn. Online business networking is not going away any time soon so becoming an expert at it will be well worth the investment of your time. LinkedIn is all about the connections and the expansion of your network. Every direct connection you make gives you access to their networks as well so if there is a company you want to work for there may be someone within your network who can connect you to the right people.
  3. Review resumes. Your resume is the first impression that a hiring manager will have of you. Don’t settle for something generic that doesn’t attract attention but at the same time you don’t want to be too gregarious with the style. Have a look at sample resumes and take the best parts that work for you. Continuously review new ideas that can improve your document.
  4. Use Craigslist wisely. This community based website has a reputation of being a hotspot for scam ads and predators but there are real jobs that can be found on Craigslist in the El Paso and Laredo areas. Because of the low cost of the service and the focused area that it reaches many small businesses and startups do post ads on the site. Use your gut to determine which postings might be problematic but apply to as many as you can. If a real person is behind the posting they will respond and won’t ask you for your banking and social security information.
  5. Consider industry events. Attending trade shows rather than job fairs can provide a much bigger bang for your buck. At a trade show you will have access to potentially hundreds of companies that do the thing you want to do. Remember that networking isn’t necessarily about what they can do for you but rather what you can do for them. Approach them the right way and you can make a great industry contact.

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