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How do you know when the candidate seated across from you in an interview has what it takes to succeed in your business? When making a hiring decision or choosing to promote a current employee there are some key traits that will stand out for the right candidates. Here are the 5 things that high potential employees have in common.

  1. Aptitude. The right individual should know your business even if they haven’t worked for you or in your industry before. They must also be willing to continue to learn be hungry for new experiences. You want someone who’s competence extends beyond their demonstrated skills.
  2. Admiration. A successful employee is someone respected by their team members and managers. If you are promoting someone to a management role, they need to prove that they can work well with people of all walks of life and skill levels.
  3. Enterprise. High potential employees exemplify the term “Ambition.” They want to know more, have more responsibility, and be recognized for their accomplishments. Their ambition should also match your company values so research their experience and conduct references to better understand their motivations.
  4. Synergy. A successful employee will also be the real thing when it comes to being a team player. They will understand the dynamics of a good organization and will know how to create working partnerships. They will have the right energy with your existing team.
  5. Fallible. The most successful candidates don’t fear failure: they thrive off of it. Failure is not the end of the line for this person; it just gives them an opportunity to understand the process better. Never hire someone who hasn’t pulled themselves off the brink of disaster, just understand how they survived.

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